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Lee Lake Project

Lee Lake Project

  • Lee Lake: 2,476 hectares adjacent to the west of GT1’s North Seymour Lake Claims and approximately 10 kilometres northwest of the Seymour Lake Project which hosts a 9 Mt resource at 1.04% Li2O. Lee Lake is within the same greenstone belt that is host to Seymour Lake and is adjacent to the claim block that will be a focus in 2023 for expansion by GT1 to make new proximal lithium discoveries and strategically grow the resource base for Seymour.


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* Generalized exploration model for LCT pegmatites. Pegmatites exhibit a high degree of zonation, whereby different portions of the pegmatite body may contain different minerals. Mineralization is spatially related to the source; barren pegmatites are more likely to occur at the granitic source, but as one moves more distal, the pegmatites are expected to increase in tantalum, then lithium, and then cesium. The presence of beryl, tantalum, and cesium indicates that the White Willow pegmatites are highly fractionated and very prospective for the presence of lithium as this zone is the “outer zone” that is most distal from the granitic source. Source: USGS (modified from Trueman and Cerny, 1982).

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