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Jackpot Lake

Overview - Drilling Now!

The Jackpot Lake Lithium Brine Property is located within Clark County, 35 kilometres northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada, and is comprised of 140 mineral claims that total 2,800 acres (approximately 11.3 km2).

The geologic model is similar to that of Albemarle’s Silver Peak Nevada Lithium Mine, the only producing lithium mine in North America, which has operated continuously since 1966, where sediments from lithium‑rich surrounding source rocks accumulate and fill the deposit leading to a potential concentration of lithium brine due to successive evaporation and concentration events.

The Company has permitted 2,700 metres over 6 holes and intends on commencing its maiden drill program with the goal of defining a 43-101 resource.

Historical Work & Future Plans

The project target is an approximately 5 x 2 kilometre anomaly identified based on the following work that suggests the presence of a highly concentrated brine:

  • 129 core samples collected by the USGS with an average lithium value of 175 ppm with a high of 550 ppm and spectrographic and atomic-absorption analyses of 135 stream sediment samples confirming the potential for lithium mineral deposits. The present average grade for Albemarle’s project is approximately 121 ppm.
  • Gravitational surveying which has identified a closed basin, critical for ensuring brines remain within the basin without dilution from external water sources.
  • Geophysical modelling based upon gravitational and controlled source audio magnetotellurics/magnetotellurics (CSAMT/MT) surveys has provided evidence of highly concentrated brines which are relatively near the surface. The CSAMT survey results of the Jackpot Lake Project demonstrate a large consistent body of very low resistivity – consistent with highly concentrated brine behavior – throughout the property, predominantly above bedrock depths of 625 meters.

Why Lithium?

At Usha, we see an incredible opportunity to take part in the growing demand for electric vehicles, mobile devices, and, grid storage that is creating a long-term supply shortage and increasing lithium prices. 

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Pre-Drilling Site Visit - Nov. 2022