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Nicobat is a nickel-copper-cobalt project in the Rainy River District in northwest Ontario, Canada.

Historical Work & Results

Historic work includes over 220 drill holes and metallurgical studies on numerous bulk samples between 1952 and 1972

In 2015, Crystal Lake Mining completed a 1,860 metre 10-hole drilling program that confirmed high-grade nickel-copper shoots do exist and are considerably better than previously recorded in the historical drilling


The magnetic signature of the  Dobie Intrusion highlights the  mineralized magnetic unit. The small western margin of  the Dobie Intrusion has the form of a funnel-like embayment with a possible feeder underneath. N-S-trending magnetic high  that maps a possible tail or  embayment structure associated  with the Dobie Intrusion.

Exploration Targets

There are 2 primary exploration targets at Nicobat:

1.Wider zones of higher grade mineralization in the roots of the breccia pipes (>150m depth)

2.Basal concentration of magmatic sulfides at base of the Dobie Intrusion

Exploration Strategy

Future work at Nicobat will focus on drilling deeper at the EL1 claim with a $250,000 program:

  • 1,500 metre drill program focused below the known breccia-hosted mineral zone based on our 3D model to intersect known and new mineralisation
  • Complete borehole EM surveys to identify highly conductive massive sulfides.
  • Follow-up drilling with a subsequent program for the best targets based on mineralization and/or EM anomalies